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I was in the midst of free trials with both BigCommerce and Volusion when I found out about Shopify. I had literally been in tears with the other free trials, because I don't have deep HTML or CSS knowledge. Every little change seemed to require big back-end changes. Whenever I called their support teams, I didn't feel that my questions were answered. I did feel like I was getting the "hard sell" and that their staff was anxious to "close the deal". It seemed like their motivation was commission and not serving the customer. I couldn't believe there wasn't anything out there that a reasonably intelligent entrepreneur could use to create their own e-commerce website.

I was thrilled to find Shopify. Everything is just the way it should be. If you want to change colors and fonts, you can do so simply and easily. Every time I have ran into something that seemed like a stumbling block, I've just called the support team and gotten a nonchalant answer that made everything seem so simple. Sometimes the answer has been that "there's an app for that". Other times they have simply made the desired change for me on-the-spot, especially if it is related to HTML code. Their online support database has a lot of tutorials with screen shots that have walked me through how to make changes myself too. Thus, I'm now not intimidated by HTML.

Shopify has gone above and beyond with all my requests, which is why I'm bothering to take the time to write this testimonial. I found out about Shopify while reading something online related to The Four-Hour Work Week book. As a small business owner, Shopify has been an invaluable partner.

- Adrienne Doring

This is what I am talking about right here. Customer support that actually provides customer support.

I'm in the process of setting up the new merchant account/payment processing now; Shopify here were come!

- Liz

I've had my site on Bigcommerce for 6 months without a sale!

You guys were so helpful in guiding me through understanding the backend, I was able to focus on learning online marketing and I got my first sale last week! You guys are awesome!

- Brian

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